3D printable design models

Download .stl models & print at home

Welcome to the future. What was once a fantasy is now a reality. Digital products that can be printed at home from different materials, in different colors or sizes. Faster than delivery and also the ability to make again and again and again. For your home, office, cabin and also as a gift for your loved ones.

Lifetime digital products

You can print a 3D model over and over and over again. And that makes it indestructible.

Digital product is not only one product.

A 3D model is not just one product. You can print it for your home, office, cabin or as a gift. As many times as need.

Co-create according to your needs

From us you will receive a model and recommendations on how to print it. Which color, size or material you choose is up to you. There are countless filaments, you can choose filaments with Wood, Carbon or metal.

last minute gift

Faster than delivery. You can download and start printing immediately.

save on production, packaging and shipping

When you print by yourself, you save on product packaging, on the cost of shipping, and you can print the product more than once.

anywhere in the world

You can print even in third world countries, in places where design shops do not exist.

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