About Boem Store

Print at home

Welcome to the future. What used to be fantasy is now reality. 3D printers for the home, thanks to which you do not have to go to the store. Printing a product is faster than delivery and you save on production, packaging and shipping.

By purchasing a digital design, you have he opportunity to create countless products in different colors and materials. Digital product can last forever.

You can print a piece  for your home, another for your cottage, and more as presents for all your friends – and still just pay for the model once! Or if you are planning to travel around the world and settle down in a totally different place, you can just take your model design with you and print it when you arrive. 

Design your own products

If you already own a printer, being able to design your own is better than downloading templates for printing. 3D printing has its own rules, and thanks to us you can learn from the ground up how to design for printing, how to avoid common mistakes, and we’ll also give you tools for original objects.

Earn money by selling our design

Thanks to our commercial license you can print our products and sell them. You can take advantage of the modern possibilities of simple production and the possibility of print on demand.

Designed by Boem Studio

Our products are designed with experience not only in printing different materials, such as chocolate, concrete or metal. But also from experience in the traditional production of casting, casting, welding, milling of large and small objects.

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