About Digital Store

How it works

Save on shipping, packaging, and energy using your 3D printer. It’s gentle on our planet and on your wallet.

choose a product

Pick the models you want

download files

After purchase, you will get a link to download
3D model & product sheet with print settings


Insert the model into your printer’s Slicer, use our recomended settings and print

Our Digital Design

3D printing technology allows us to design the new shapes that cannot be made by any other technology. By purchasing digital products you have a wide range of new options.

You are not just buying the product, but the opportunity to create countless products in different colors and materials. And also digital product can last forever.

unique products

3D printing technology allows us to create unique objects

print unlimited pieces

Buy once and print as many times you like for non-commercial use

materials & colors

Choose from wide range of materials and colors for endless variety


Print anywhere in the world. You can take the digital files with you wherever you move


When you brake or lose your printed item, you can simply print it again

commercial licence

Earn money by purchasing our easy licence. Sell our printed designs without any extra fees. learn more

no shipping

Save time and money with no shipping required

no packaging

No waste, just print and use

You can print a piece  for your home, another for your cottage, and more as presents for all your friends – and still just pay for the model once! Or if you are planning to travel around the world and settle down in a totally different place, you can just take your model design with you and print it when you arrive.