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Earn money by selling our design

boem for Business

You can easily buy our commercial license, print and sell our design. Thanks to 3D printing, you don’t have to stock up and you can only produce products based on an order. You can print and sell our products directly to your customers without having to pay us any additional fees. In compared to what you need to pay for design, prototyping and licensing fees, we can offer a commercial license here at an incomparably lower price.

true originals

Sell the original design. We are always trying to find a new way and new products. We push the boundaries with the latest materials and machines. Therefore we don’t follow what other creators do, but other creators follows us. With our commercial license and certificate of authenticity, you can be sure that you are selling an original design and you can be sure that you are not selling copies.

Tested & Proven Products

Our products have been tested not only by customers all over the world for the last three years, but also by companies. We are happy that even the best printer manufacturers use our products for promotion.

Quality matters

Quality design and also quality materials. Our newest products are designed for high quality resistent materials with using even the best printers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve good results even on basic printers. All our products were printed on printers like Ender or Prusa iMK3s. However, producing at high speed pays off.

Business Account

After purchasing a commercial license you will get upgraded Business Account with access to all our updated Media and extra files. For example, labels to brand products with your brand.

Boem Commercial License

With a commercial license, you also have the option of our support. We attach recommended settings to each model, you also have access to our printing tips in your account and we will be happy to help you if necessary.

How to buy Commercial license?

Simply select the commercial license at products you like when purchasing. You also need to create an account to access all other files. But don’t worry, we can link an account later.

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