3D printing course by aleš boem

Design cool and functional printables

by aleš boem

Master your 3D printer and learn course how to think as a FFF printer to be able to create everything you want. Learn everything I know about design for 3D printers and create something even better! The only limit is your imagination! Course aviable for only 300 creators.

Learn everything I know about 3D printing

Save a lot of time, money and material. All the knowledge of how to design functional accessories and also furniture even from plain PLA that I learned over the past 3 years before we launched our digital store 2 years ago.

I will teach you what took me few years to understand together with a lot of filaments and bad prints. We are still get asked if you need a special printer to get our quality prints? No, we deliberately use the cheapest ones. A good result is about the right design!

I believe that if I share all my experience, you will have more time to create much better results!

become a digital design creator

Thanks to this technology, we were able to move to the beach and manage the store from Dominican Republic, Bali and from Malaysia. Thanks to platforms where you can upload 3D models, you can immediately start earning from your work. And also new amazing platforms are also being created that will connect customers with 3D printing services that will deliver your design to them physically. We are so excited to work with them to open new amazing possibilities!

You don’t just have to fill your portfolio with concepts and visualizations before you get your job as a designer. Maybe you also want to design a new iPhone or a chair for Vitra. But what if the opportunity to travel around the world is an even better opportunity?

print at home

The 3D printer is a whole workshop in one box. You don’t need any other tools! The real power is when you know how to design exactly what you need. We are all unique, have our own needs and we need an exclusive solution!

More then in other books and courses

5 videos containing Theory, CAD Modeling, Slicing and Creating Crazy patterns to learn all the most important rules. Perfect if you are new to printing, but if you already have some experience it should help you understand how to design easily and forget everything that leads to a bad result

How the FFF printers works

They melt plastic right? And melted plastic cannot levitate on planet earth. That’s why the Slicers tells you before printing that you need to print supports. But do you really need them? No! You can design it correctly and save a lot of time, material and have a better result.

Theory of design correct shape

Yes, you can actually manage to to print the ball somehow. But the result is not very nice. In some directions it is wise to use a radius and in others it is not. Because it is better to use your result immediately after printing than to start finishing it with sand paper.

Neccessary dimensions you need to know

Different nozzle, different dimensions. You can design for a standard nozzle and standard settings, or use other diameters. And what about scalable printables for all nozzles? What about tolerances between parts?

Construction rules

Design a pencil stand is simple. But how about a stool from PLA that you can stand on and won’t break?

Waterproof products

Vases are great, but your mod can’t stop you from letting water through.

Introduction to CAD modeling in Fusion 360

In case you’ve never created a 3D model, I start the course by showing you the tools in Fusion 360 that I used for most of the products. This software is still free for hobby and non-commercial use, new and cloud!

3D modeling lessons of our selected designs to use all the tools needed

Design with me our products and learn how to model correct wall offset for shapes.

3D modeling correct screws, nuts and clip joints

Most people lean towards creating a quick thread. But these are not designed for printing, they are metal threads! And in many cases they will give you trouble. Learn how to make the correct thread that follows the 45 degree rule and the clip joints that you will use to join parts together.

Slicing correctly

Slicers are the most powerful programs that will calculate all printing layers for easilly from a 3D model. And the basic settings with handle most models. But sometimes you get print time in hours and not minutes. And if you print with special materials, you have to change some values.

Use the right materials and settings to also have beatifull results

It’s actually not that hard to print something. In compare to milling it is very easy. But if you want your result to be really nice even on a cheap printer, you have to choose the correct material to support the good design and print settings.

Because you want to create printables that people ask you about “Is this really printed?”

Understanding the formats

Creating naturalistic patterns instead of just fuzzy skin

Design Pendant and Table Lights

Free 3D models of Ikea Hemma and Stråla

Only for 300 creators

Design Printables Course