3D printer buying guide 2022

Choosing a 3D printer

Our 3D models are design for the most used and the most affordable FFF/FDM printers. We use the cheapest ones to make sure it works for everyone.


You can buy a printer for aproximately 150 EUR. You can buy one of the most used printer in the world Ender 3 for 130 eur in Czech Republic, which is quite the same as the price of ink paper printer. The price is rising regarding to the size, contruction and with emprovements. You can print our products on the cheapest printers, however every year the printers are getting better and the emprovement makes the printing easier.

Types of FFF/FDM Printers

There are three most common types of filament printers you can buy: Cartesian, CoreXY and Delta.


Cartesian printer is the most used type of printer. It has a square or rectangle printing space and the head are moving in to left, right and top direction (XZ) and the bead is moving in Y direction. They are most used and one of the most important is definitely their price. You can buy a 7 printers farm in a price of an iPhone.

They have the best support and they are really easy to start with. You can also buy this printer with a bigger bed size like printer we have used for each of our product – Creality CR-10 v3.

But it is important to mention that their design is proportional to the price and in order to print good results. In here, the bed is moving front and back, so the model also shifts during printing. Therefore you need to print relatively slowly, especially with larger bed size to avoid vibrations when moving the bed of fast head travel.

Creality Ender
Prusa i3 MK3s
Anycubic Vyper
Creality CR-10

In compare to the basic Cartesian printers, the construction is much more robust. The bed is moving only up and down, and the print head is moving to all sides. They have much less vibrations and you can print in higher speeds and also can have a large print area. Creality Ender 6 should print 3 times faster than basic Ender Series and RatRig printer users have tested even much higher speeds.

Creality Ender 6
RatRig V-core

Delta printers have a circle bed and the head is moving on arms in all directions. The print model is not moving and therefore you can print high quality prints and it can be relatively fast. They have usually higher build area, but the circular base is relatively small when printing square objects like our Square Boxes.

Trilab AzteQ

Printing size

Choosing a bigger printing size will allow you to print much bigger objects. Most of our accessories are printable at smaller printers wit about 200mm print size. For the furniture it is already necessary to have at least 300x300mm bed size. With a really spacious printer you can print amazingly large decorations.

List of printers we used: HE3D K200, Anycubic Kossel, Prusa iMK3s, Creality Ender 3, Creality CR-10 v3, Ultimaker 3, Trilab Delta


Preparing your 3d printer before printing

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