Fuzzy skin

You can use fuzzy skin setting to distort the print path and hide the print layers. By default, the preset dimensions are relatively large in relation to the height of the layers for a fantastic grainy textured effect. By adjusting the setting to a finer density, you’ll achieve a nicely fine-grained surface texture.

This finer texture is helpful when using classic semi-gloss materials such as PLA, ABS, or PET-G, as well as with elastic materials. You will get a nice matte-grained surface which can help to mask any imperfections in the slicing software or your printer. It takes a bit longer to print, but we think the result is most definitely worth it. 

Fuzzy Skin Thickness: 0.12 mm

Fuzzy Skin Density: 8.0

Layer Height: 0.2 mmm

TPU (Space Cables)
Matt PLA (Coalescence 35)
PET-G (Coalescence Light)
Matt PLA (Coalescence 35)
Matt PLA (Coalescence 35)