Cool Materials 

We started creating our designs in celebration as more attractive materials appeared on the market. An object can only look as nice as the material it’s made of. We love matte materials and especially composite materials with wood particles. They allow you to achieve a more sleek look because the structure allows you to blend the layers. Wooden materials even evoke a new material feeling. You don’t even sense it’s made of plastic.

Observe the differences between ordinary PLA and matte PLA: these printed cones are the same size and thickness, and you can see that the ordinary PLA is much more transparent. The colors are also different, matte PLA is more snow-white, unlike ordinary PLA, which is creamier.

Matte White PLA is also one of the best materials when you want to regrind your prints. Unlike colored materials, it does not show the impact of sandpaper.

Formfutura Matt Red Camouflage
3DJake Matt Black PLA
3DJake Matt White PLA