Course design functional and cool 3D print models



Learn how to design the best 3D print models. Master your 3D printer and learn course how to think as a FFF printer to be able to create everything you want. Learn everything we know about design for 3D printers and create something even better!

Much more than you can find in books about designing printables or other courses in a much more efficient and faster way. Avoid common mistakes and learn only the best and most neccessary rules. Learn how to create 3D models and walk through the basics of modeling and all the tools we use for our products. You can design not only accessories, but also furniture, lights or art pieces with naturalistic patterns.


Theory of design accessories, furniture, lights and decorations

3D Modeling and tools we use



Texturing and sculpting

Light Design

Products for Food and Drinks

+ download 3D models of Ikea Cord Sets

+ Q&A


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