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Boem commercial license

The easiest way to sell a unique design together with your brand or company. You don’t have to hire a designer and pay additional fees. Simply purchase a license online.

Let our products earn you money. You can easily buy our commercial license, print and sell our design. Thanks to 3D printing, you don’t have to stock up and you can only produce products based on an order. You can print and sell our products directly to your customers without having to pay us any additional fees. In compared to what you need to pay for design, prototyping and licensing fees, we can offer a commercial license here at an incomparably lower price.

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Print on demand

Producing after you receive the order. With a 3D printer you don’t have to create stocks. This is smart not only for your wallet, but also for the planet. You don’t have to deal with unsold pieces.

Printed by you

We have designed an external part that you can download into Fusion360 and put your own logo or dedication on it.

The best place to place is at the bottom, so we made this design that can be glued to the printed object. Because the text is not cut into the bottom of the main object, it does not affect the waterproofness.

Easy to prototype

With our 3D printing guide and print settings recommendation you can start with production very fast. There is no need to prototype for months like if you would made it out of metal, wood, ceramic and glass.

Up to 10000 lifetime sales

  • 3D model + recomended print setting in .pdf
  • 3D printing guide on our website
  • Our photos and videos for marketing purposes
  • the ability to sell up to 10 000 lifetime pieces with this license
  • putting your brand on the product
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