Digital design shop for your 3D printer.

Welcome to the incredible world of the future, where what was once mere fantasy has become a thrilling reality. With the advent of 3D printers designed for home use, the need to venture out to stores is a thing of the past. Now, you can effortlessly print your desired products in the comfort of your home.

Embodied ideas Collection

This collection embodies paintings and drawings into real objects and captures the essence of the moment when the first idea comes from the universe to our physical world.

nothing else collection

A truly minimalistic collection of modern printed products together with innovative technology. As little as possible and honest in correct shaping.

Course design printable products

Learn how to design cool and functional printable furniture, accessories and decorations. The rules of design for printing without supports and optimal shapes to create highly aesthetic products printed with fine filaments and also creating objects with unusual and naturalistic textures.

Boem x Enable3D

A collection of minimalist workshop tools for the brand of Wiesmann1893.

Boem x Minimalissimo

Jug and Planter designed for the Minimalissimo brand


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